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Chief Editor 

Aabhushan Times is a Leading Monthly Hindi news and Trade Publication that is distributed all throughout India. It is published in Mumbai. Since its debut, Aabhushan Times has expanded quickly to become the market leader among magazines covering the jewellery industry and trade in regional languages, earning the respect of both readers and advertisers.

With over 8000 copies circulated throughout India, the book has a 40,000-strong social media following. Aabhushan Times is a suitable platform for your business to connect with potential customers.
Aabhushan Times is a monthly trade publication published in Hindi that focuses on the jewellery sector. Since it has been covering the jewellery sector for more than 15 years, Aabhushan Times has attended every significant trade show.

We serve as a comprehensive resource for collectors and connoisseurs of jewellery, offering information about the fascinating and glitzy world of fine jewellery as well as the individuals who work there. Nowadays, the magazine is acknowledged as a top source of trade journalism in India and around the globe. The global trade sector consults the journal for details on jewellery Industry in India & news from all across the segment.

We believe that our commitment to excellence sets us apart and has been the key to our success. We are excited to continue delivering quality news & services to our customers and look forward to building long-lasting relationships with our partners in the industry.

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